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How to be a Mentor by Lean in page January 4, 2017

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I love Sheryl Sandberg´s book “Lean in“, and since then, I Liked her page on Facebook, and today I found this article, that I would love to share with you. Specially, beacuse I do believe in its important to have a mentor, and to be a mentor. In both ways you have the previliage to learn new things, and being able to share your knowledge.


Where she shares 4 tips to be a mentor: I would like to share the whole article here wihth you, but if you want to go to the website where I found it, you can go to this page

Here it ios the article:


I will always remember my first Mentor, which gave me the same 3rd advice, always to used my Mentor time wisely. And now that I have been honoured to be a Mentor, can tell it´s very important, because is the way Mentors know if the Mentee appreciate the time you give.

Hope you like it!








21 Suggestions for SUCCESS November 30, 2011

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21 Suggestions for SUCCESS by H.Jackson Brown Jr. Showed at The Cool Hunter Newsletter today 29.11.2011

21 Suggestions for SUCCESS

VERY INTERESTING! Try to follow it!


New Job as Event Manager April 22, 2011

Hi again!

Has been a while since I haven’t been posting anything here, and I apologise for this. The end of last year and beginning of this 2011 was a time of change. I do not live any more in theLondon, theUKimmigration laws stop my possibilities to stay there any longer, so I moved back to my countryColombiain November. But not making this a problem, I managed to make the changes not so difficult and the good news is that I’m back to my family and I’m able to keep working in my career as event professional.

And that is what I want it to talk about in this post, since March I started working in one of the best experiential marketing agencies here in Colombia. The name is SISTOLE (check the website here). I started a new position as Event Manager, where I will be in charge to organise all the big events the agency has, national and internationally. I’m very excited as this is a new role in the company and the challenges are amazing. I love to be able to combine my Colombian experience and knowledge and all what I was able to learn when I was inEngland. Believe me, the combination is amazing!

Why? Well, Colombian people are not as the English ones, we are not that organise and we do not plan ahead that much time in advance, and in my first project I’ve been learning how to combine both.

My first client is PROEXPORT, the public agency in charge to promote the country in Tourism, Investment and Exportation, and I’m working in one of their most important events abroad. The agency will be promoting the country in what kind of food we can export, especially to Canada. We will be participating with 9 companies in SIAL CANADA in Toronto this 11 to 13th of May. I can’t show you the amazing stand we will have, but believe will be awesome!. Here is a press release if you want to know more about what we will be doing there (click on the link). But especially you will be able to taste our Colombian coffee, the amazing tropical fruits in amazing juices, some great bread, between others.

So these are the news until now, will keep you updated of what I’m doing, and showing you how Colombia do events.

Until the next time……


ARTS FEST 2010 September 5, 2010

Arts Fest 2010

Arts Fest 2010

For the second time I will be part of the biggest free arts festival. Arts Fest is in Birmingham in September, is the combination of all the artistic and creativity that Birmingham has to offer and the best part is that is for free. So everyone, I mean everyone can be part of it. Is a nice weekend for the end of the summer where you can incorporate yourself between and the art world.

For the full programme click here.

I will the stall coordinator, and all the stalls will be in New Street and Victoria Square. The stalls are a combination of the organisations that are participating in the programme and some arts and crafts for you to bring to your house.


The Secret of Kells March 29, 2010

Little Aisling

This weekend as part of Flatpack Festival I had the opportunity to watch this outstanding film, according to the description:

Twelve year-old Brendan lives in an abbey with his grumpy uncle and a motley group of monks. One day they are joined by the legendary illustrator Brother Aidan, who tells tales of Viking invaders and brings in his bag an amazing secret; the Book of Kells. This unique film tells the tale of how the sacred text was completed and survived to become one of Ireland’s national treasures. With animation which is nearly as beautiful as the book itself – especially when Brendan ventures beyond the town walls to meet naughty forest-sprite Aisling – The Secret of Kells’ recent Oscar nomination was richly deserved.

Dir: Tomm Moore
Ireland/France/Belgium 2009
With: Brendan Gleeson, Evan McGuire, Christen Mooney, Mick Lally
Certificate: PG


What I loved the most besides the story was their graphics. This animation film has a beautiful collection of drawings fully decorated with stunning colour, combination of greens, browns, blues, etc.

Also the music is beautiful, loved the song signing by little Aisling, when is allowing the cat to do what she can’t do, the message of co-working with others is a good sense.

Don’t know where you will be able to watch this movie, probably you can ask Ian from Flatpack to programme another night, but you definitely should watch it.

Couldn’t see much this year of the festival (last year either) but I love this festival; love the people, the programme and all the vibe that you have around. Really missed not being there for the whole time, but want to congratulate Ian & Pip, and the whole team who made this happened.  

My favourite piece - The Forest


LINKS FOR JANUARY 22ND 2010. January 22, 2010

After a while of not actually writing anything here I decided that this 2010 would be different (hopefully are not just those New Year’s resolutions) and will write more. Today, I decided to share with you my Google reader list and tell you about the blogs I normally read.

Steve Gerrard Photography: I think this is one of my favourite photographers and I hope be able to have him for my wedding. Besides doing wedding photography, Steve portrait bands in a very unique and cool way.

ASH 10: Pete Ashton’s professional blog (the personal is here), used to talk about Social Media and what were his experiences about working in this field, but now is more related to what he does (not sure exactly what is that) but you can get a sense and learn about new things about online stuff from him.

Behind the scenes at Smile: is the blog from a new creative company of great people and talented designers called Smile, who opened the company more than a year ago and opened their offices last summer. I like to read them, because besides of what they do, they show their readers things that interested them and write about how they would like to have a better creative world. I think this is a good example of a company using a blog that shows that people who work there are humans and can have your same interests.

Capsule’s blog: This is the blog of a music promoter company who also create experiences through music events (remember Supersonic). This blog besides working as tool for promoting the events they organise, is the space where Lisa Meyer (one of the directors) share information about the type of music that Capsule promote, that I have to say is very eclectic.

Confesiones de una mente peligrosa: Unfortunately, for those who don’t understand Spanish won’t be able to read it. Is a Colombian blogger who use the tittles of the movies for inspiration to write about things that he wants to share. Is good if you want to know about movies, and to have a general knowledge about things.

Created in Birmingham: This blog talks about what is happening in the creative and artistic Birmingham. Events, shows, exhibitions, concerts, festivals, companies, people, venues, etc. This is the space to read if you are interest to know about what Birmingham has to offer and where you can find it. Very good guide, like it more than What’s On!

Experience this: If you are an event professional in England you must have heard about Ian Irving, if you haven’t is an experience person in Experiential Marketing. He has been as 20th in the CIT Power 50 influence people in the industry. If you are interest about events, experiential marketing, employee engagement, B2B, corporate, he is the guy to read.

Flatpack Festival:  This blog talks about what is happening inside the organization of one of the coolest film festivals. Flatpack Festival is held on March in Birmingham and I was lucky enough to be part of the team last year (working as the volunteer and ticketing coordinator).

More Channels than Venice: Did you know that Birmingham has more channels than Venice, well I didn’t. This blog will inform you about those things that you wouldn’t find that easy in Birmingham. Talks about what’s happening in the creative and artistic community in Birmingham. Is like having someone who collects all the fliers in the shops and talks about what is going on in just one place, here.

Needles and Hooks: If you are interest in textiles and how they can become in amazing pieces, you should how Sara design and create her stuff, especially cushions. They great thing is that she is inspired by vintage textiles to create her designs.

No puedo creer que lo hayan inventado: (I can’t believe they have invented) Again another Spanish blog, but the great thing about this, is that they write about objects and things founded online, which have a specific and interest characteristic.

El complejo de Prometeo: Prometeo’s complex, if you want to know about what is happening in the world with a point of view, you need to read him. What I like about this, is that with you found about things you didn’t know and also the information is given with a point of view. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I don’t.

There are more, but this are for now…..


Supersonic Festival e-flyer June 29, 2009

Supersonic Festival 2009 e-flyer

Supersonic Festival 2009 e-flyer

Feel free to share it with your friends, Supersonic Festival in Birmingham from the 24th – 26th of July 2009 at the Custard Factory.

For more information go to