The Secret of Kells

Little Aisling

This weekend as part of Flatpack Festival I had the opportunity to watch this outstanding film, according to the description:

Twelve year-old Brendan lives in an abbey with his grumpy uncle and a motley group of monks. One day they are joined by the legendary illustrator Brother Aidan, who tells tales of Viking invaders and brings in his bag an amazing secret; the Book of Kells. This unique film tells the tale of how the sacred text was completed and survived to become one of Ireland’s national treasures. With animation which is nearly as beautiful as the book itself – especially when Brendan ventures beyond the town walls to meet naughty forest-sprite Aisling – The Secret of Kells’ recent Oscar nomination was richly deserved.

Dir: Tomm Moore
Ireland/France/Belgium 2009
With: Brendan Gleeson, Evan McGuire, Christen Mooney, Mick Lally
Certificate: PG


What I loved the most besides the story was their graphics. This animation film has a beautiful collection of drawings fully decorated with stunning colour, combination of greens, browns, blues, etc.

Also the music is beautiful, loved the song signing by little Aisling, when is allowing the cat to do what she can’t do, the message of co-working with others is a good sense.

Don’t know where you will be able to watch this movie, probably you can ask Ian from Flatpack to programme another night, but you definitely should watch it.

Couldn’t see much this year of the festival (last year either) but I love this festival; love the people, the programme and all the vibe that you have around. Really missed not being there for the whole time, but want to congratulate Ian & Pip, and the whole team who made this happened.  

My favourite piece - The Forest

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