New Job as Event Manager

Hi again!

Has been a while since I haven’t been posting anything here, and I apologise for this. The end of last year and beginning of this 2011 was a time of change. I do not live any more in theLondon, theUKimmigration laws stop my possibilities to stay there any longer, so I moved back to my countryColombiain November. But not making this a problem, I managed to make the changes not so difficult and the good news is that I’m back to my family and I’m able to keep working in my career as event professional.

And that is what I want it to talk about in this post, since March I started working in one of the best experiential marketing agencies here in Colombia. The name is SISTOLE (check the website here). I started a new position as Event Manager, where I will be in charge to organise all the big events the agency has, national and internationally. I’m very excited as this is a new role in the company and the challenges are amazing. I love to be able to combine my Colombian experience and knowledge and all what I was able to learn when I was inEngland. Believe me, the combination is amazing!

Why? Well, Colombian people are not as the English ones, we are not that organise and we do not plan ahead that much time in advance, and in my first project I’ve been learning how to combine both.

My first client is PROEXPORT, the public agency in charge to promote the country in Tourism, Investment and Exportation, and I’m working in one of their most important events abroad. The agency will be promoting the country in what kind of food we can export, especially to Canada. We will be participating with 9 companies in SIAL CANADA in Toronto this 11 to 13th of May. I can’t show you the amazing stand we will have, but believe will be awesome!. Here is a press release if you want to know more about what we will be doing there (click on the link). But especially you will be able to taste our Colombian coffee, the amazing tropical fruits in amazing juices, some great bread, between others.

So these are the news until now, will keep you updated of what I’m doing, and showing you how Colombia do events.

Until the next time……


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