How to be a Mentor by Lean in page

I love Sheryl Sandberg´s book “Lean in“, and since then, I Liked her page on Facebook, and today I found this article, that I would love to share with you. Specially, beacuse I do believe in its important to have a mentor, and to be a mentor. In both ways you have the previliage to learn new things, and being able to share your knowledge.


Where she shares 4 tips to be a mentor: I would like to share the whole article here wihth you, but if you want to go to the website where I found it, you can go to this page

Here it ios the article:


I will always remember my first Mentor, which gave me the same 3rd advice, always to used my Mentor time wisely. And now that I have been honoured to be a Mentor, can tell it´s very important, because is the way Mentors know if the Mentee appreciate the time you give.

Hope you like it!








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