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ARTS FEST 2010 September 5, 2010

Arts Fest 2010

Arts Fest 2010

For the second time I will be part of the biggest free arts festival. Arts Fest is in Birmingham in September, is the combination of all the artistic and creativity that Birmingham has to offer and the best part is that is for free. So everyone, I mean everyone can be part of it. Is a nice weekend for the end of the summer where you can incorporate yourself between and the art world.

For the full programme click here.

I will the stall coordinator, and all the stalls will be in New Street and Victoria Square. The stalls are a combination of the organisations that are participating in the programme and some arts and crafts for you to bring to your house.


Supersonic in search for the best people September 4, 2010

SuperSonic 2010

SuperSonic 2010

One of my favourite events is happening again this year, Supersonic coming live again in October for the weekend of the 22nd to the 24th.

This events is one of my favourite not only because I have been part of the team since 2008, when I as the production intern, is because the whole atmosphere of the event itself. The amazing people who put this together, the great group of volunteers who offers their time just to be part of this, the audience who come to enjoy and find all those new bands that Lisa and Jenny put together for us to know, and the venue, The Custard Factory itself that bring a unique energy and atmosphere that always make want to be part of it.

As being a month ahead of the festival we start looking for those amazing people that will help us to put together and deliver the best festival this year, Supersonic is looking for VOLUNTEERS.

For more information go to the info page of Supersonic’s website or simply email: volunteer [at] and write VOLUNTEER in subject to show your interest.

We are also looking for people with a great eye, who capture the right moments. So PHOTOGRAPHERS if you want to be part os this festival write to volunteer [at]  and write PHOTOGRAPHER to show your interest.

The team will get back to you as soon as possible with the application form, and see you in October.



SuperSonic 2010

Well you all might now that this year SuperSonic has changed the date for October and is promising to be better that before (well knowing Lisa and Jenny you know that is possible), but I want to take to the opportunity to let you know that they are looking for a great people to be part of their team. Well our team, because this year I will be the Site Manager, that’s right:).

This blog post is too late to inform the Operational Manager position, the deadline was yesterday. But you can still make it for the Interns and Volunteer positions.

I have to say that be part of this team is amazing and you are able to learn lots of music, events, marketing, deal with artists, and not that nice things like cleaning and be aware of recycling, but is a great opportunity to meet amazing people, listening great bands and be part of one of the best festivals in the UK and maybe the world. I started being a production intern in 2008 in charge of the merchandise area, and I did it so well (that was Lisa and Jenny said), that last year I was the Production Coordinator. So is a great place to build your career and learn.

So if you are interest in applying to be an intern follow this link and apply, you won’t regret it.

The intern positions available are:

–          Production

–          Marketing

–          Design

To volunteer is this link.




Last Monday 1st of February the day finally arrived and I could celebrate that I was graduating for my MA in Events and Exhibition Management at Birmingham City University (BCU).

It was a very important day for me, even that I had to wait a year after I finished my dissertation for the ceremony (when the FT students finished was too late for being at the ceremony in 2009), but that made that most of the people who started the MA in 2007 we could graduated together. Besides that, my mom could come from Colombia for this great moment, and finally someone from my family could see my other life, the life that I have here as foreign in England. Plus the person who made possible that we could have the best MA ever and put together all those amazing 14 future Events Managers could come and see us graduated. Thank you very much Mathilde Stein for teaching us so much and also be a mentor for us in our future as event professionals.

Here is a picture of us, already as Masters in events.

Masters' graduates

First Row: Jason Lunn, Duncan Sedgwick (Current MA Course Director), Beckie Davies.

Second Row: Carolyn Dawe, Ayesha Kaur and Naseem Akhtar

Third Row: Hannah Keates, Mathilde Stein, Me and Sarah Calhaem.

Missing: Shaun Seeley (couldn’t come to the ceremony) and Gul Altuntac, Baljit Sandu, Tariq Elkashef, Monica Cheng and Sherief Sanad, whose couldn’t complete the MA by the time of the ceremony. We miss you guys!