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1ra Gaceta Concejo Cajicá 2017 June 2, 2017

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Hola a todos!

En este link podemos leer la Gaceta del Concejo de Cajicá, del primer periodo de sesiones del 2017.

Donde podrán mi artículo de ¿cómo nos soñamos a Cajicá?


Gaceta 2017


2016 – 2017 December 26, 2016

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Y ahora soy Concejal de Cajicá – 2016-2019 October 29, 2015

Elecciones Concejo Cambio Radical Cajica

Siendo hoy jueves 29 de octubre, les quiero contar que Cajicá eligió sus concejales, y yo quede con la fortuna de poder representar la voz de los cajiqueños y cajiqueñas, por el partido Cambio Radical.

Cambio Radical quedó con la votación mas alta con 3928, y yo quede de segundas en la lista con 350 votos. Esto fue el primer conteo, aún estoy esperando conocer el 2do conteo para confirmar el total de votos.

IMG_7750La foto de arriba fue el dñia de hoy donde recibí el certificado del escrutinio por parte dela Registradora Municipal, donde me dan las credenciales como Concejal electa. Para mi es un honor hacer parte de los concejales que vamos a mejorar a Cajicá, y donde la vamos a llevar a un mejor futuro. Conmigo quedamos:

  • María Teresa Piedrahita – Cambio Radical
  • Javier Galindo – Cambio Radical
  • Gonzalo Duque – Liberal
  • Ricardo Quintero – Liberal
  • Azucena Escobar – Opción Ciudadana
  • Angelica Camacho – Acción Verde
  • Nicolás Castiblanco – Conservador
  • Nelson Bello – La U
  • Bejamin Forero – La U
  • Mario Calderon – Aico
  • Camilo Velandia – ASI
  • Enrique Gutierrez – ASI

Todos estaremos en el Concejo 2016 – 2019, en la administración de la Alcaldia de Orlando Díaz Canasto.

Muchas gracias a todos los que creen que yo soy la perosna que puede ayudar a mejorar a Cajicá, y seguro no los defraudare.



Una tarde para la Mujer y la Familia Cajiqueña September 18, 2015

Invitacion Tarde de Mujeres


Rn Events July 9, 2013

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Rn Events

Very happy to announced that I started my own company with my family and I can keep working in the Events Industry.

So if you have an event, an experience or need a design, but don´t know what to do, don´t  worry here in Rn Events We Take Care.

In spanish we are Rn Montajes Nosotros Nos Encargamos.


London 2012 Olympics through the eyes of a Colombian September 7, 2012

An article that I wrote about my experience of London 2012, and the Olympics was published thanks to Kim Masters and her blog Dream on Masters, who was invited by Blogs Metro, to write about the Olympics.


Here it is what I wrote:

I first came to England five years ago, when I decided that I wanted to be an Event Manager. I found a Masters on the Internet, signed for it and was accepted. Since day one of that Masters we had conversations and lectures about how London won the pitch for 2012.

It is amazing that an event that lasts just 20 days is able to change lots of people lives and bring together a whole world.

Just a year before that, I realized what I wanted to do as my career goal, my big dream. I want to bring cultural events to my people of Colombia. BIG events can change the perception of people and bring development to a specific place. And in Colombia we need to change the perception of people about how cool it is to go there, and attract development to get us away from being a third world country. My big dream is to bring the Olympics to Colombia in 20 years.

So, I came this year to be a part of London 2012 and take that back with me to Colombia.

It has been incredible to see everything from the signage on the streets directing people to the venues and the Tube, to the amazing volunteers smiling all the time helping people and communicating what is going on. I have watched the Opening Ceremony, but it will take me another blog just to write about how much I enjoyed that. I have been all around London to watch the events (I love the idea that London has used the existing venues for some sports, and also to make people go all around the Capital. What better way of showing the city to tourists.)

The gymnastics and synchronized swimming are the first two sports I will always remember watching in London 2012.

It has been great to see the British people being such proud hosts of the Games, and also to witness the support they give to their players.  I have so enjoyed all the people around, wearing their flag’s colours and supporting their countries. My favourites have been the Dutch wearing bright orange.

From a logistics point of view, I love the idea of portable structures and that only the stadiums will stay there forever.

To be honest, London is not nearly as crazy as I thought it was going to be.

I am very proud of my country, knowing that even though we are not yet brilliant at getting sports medals, we have managed to get three silvers and two bronze.

It has been great being able to experience London 2012 live and to be able to see how London is leaving an Olympic legacy through sport and community and nationwide participation. It is amazing that an event that lasts just 20 days is able to change lots of people lives and bring together a whole world. And it gives me goose bumps just to think about it.


And here is the link so you can read it from Metro Blog.

Love the experience of being able to write something about the Olympics, and more that it was published.


New Job as Event Manager April 22, 2011

Hi again!

Has been a while since I haven’t been posting anything here, and I apologise for this. The end of last year and beginning of this 2011 was a time of change. I do not live any more in theLondon, theUKimmigration laws stop my possibilities to stay there any longer, so I moved back to my countryColombiain November. But not making this a problem, I managed to make the changes not so difficult and the good news is that I’m back to my family and I’m able to keep working in my career as event professional.

And that is what I want it to talk about in this post, since March I started working in one of the best experiential marketing agencies here in Colombia. The name is SISTOLE (check the website here). I started a new position as Event Manager, where I will be in charge to organise all the big events the agency has, national and internationally. I’m very excited as this is a new role in the company and the challenges are amazing. I love to be able to combine my Colombian experience and knowledge and all what I was able to learn when I was inEngland. Believe me, the combination is amazing!

Why? Well, Colombian people are not as the English ones, we are not that organise and we do not plan ahead that much time in advance, and in my first project I’ve been learning how to combine both.

My first client is PROEXPORT, the public agency in charge to promote the country in Tourism, Investment and Exportation, and I’m working in one of their most important events abroad. The agency will be promoting the country in what kind of food we can export, especially to Canada. We will be participating with 9 companies in SIAL CANADA in Toronto this 11 to 13th of May. I can’t show you the amazing stand we will have, but believe will be awesome!. Here is a press release if you want to know more about what we will be doing there (click on the link). But especially you will be able to taste our Colombian coffee, the amazing tropical fruits in amazing juices, some great bread, between others.

So these are the news until now, will keep you updated of what I’m doing, and showing you how Colombia do events.

Until the next time……