Rioja Tapas Fantásticas wins Events Awards in 2010

Rioja - Tapas Fantasticas 2010


In June this year in Pottersfield Park in London, I was part of the RPM organisers team who organised a great event; Rioja Tapas Fantásticas, it was 3 day event where there was combination of delicious Spanish food and amazing wine (even though I couldn’t taste it those days, because I was working), I had a great time being part of the team and now makes even happier to see that it has won not only 1 but 2 events industry awards.

UK Event Awards 2010

First it started with UK Event Awards, winning as B2B/LEISURE: Best Medium Event

Eventia Awards 2010

And second with Eventia Awards, winning the silver prize as Best Event in a Public Space.

Makes me feel very proud of this and is a very good way to end this amazing 2010.


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