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1ra Gaceta Concejo Cajicá 2017 June 2, 2017

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Hola a todos!

En este link podemos leer la Gaceta del Concejo de Cajicá, del primer periodo de sesiones del 2017.

Donde podrán mi artículo de ¿cómo nos soñamos a Cajicá?


Gaceta 2017


Quedate… November 6, 2015

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What I found and love at the MET March 19, 2009

In my continuing search for looking of things that are designed to create experiences, to change and influence people in their behaviours, attitudes and ways of seeing life, I found in my last visit to New York at The Metropolitan Museum of Art two designs that not only inspired me but brought me back to my love of space.

Creating experiences, change or influence people behaviours through the things people do, have been always something that I have feel passion about. At the MET, I re-encountered one of my favourite architects and found another one that express through his design the passion of wood.

Frank Lloyd Wright in his Living room from the Little House, Wayzata, Minnesota, designed 1912-14.

Lloyd Wright

What do I like about this room? Well the whole concept of the design express in the different objects in the room. Is a family of objects that correlates together making a whole. The furniture looks as the windows, as the lamps, as the sealing. Is a room that have a continuity of the design that will let the natural light enter and become part of the space as another principal actor.

Another thing that I like about the space is that the design is not only reflected in the interior but also in the exterior. The Museum is thinking to reconstructing the exterior facades in the side passageways and let the visitors enjoy the view of the Central Park through the room.

The other architect, which I found at the museum and I didn’t about his existence but reassure my interest in Japan and its interesting way of appreciating nature is George Nakashima, an American Japanese architect and wood maker.


The image is an example of his work, unfortunately my camera ran out of battery and I couldn’t take a photo of the room at the museum. But the room and the furniture are amazing. Love the idea of how nature is express in his beauty itself and the way of imperfections become the principal beauty of the furniture, as well, as the simplicity. If you are interest in get to know more about his job to can find more information here.

If you have a chance to be in New York, go to the MET and see these two rooms. George Nakashima is in the H Room, Japanese Art in the Second Floor and Frank Lloyd Wright is in the first floor in the American Wing Exhibition.

Just remember that in America the first floor is the ground floor in UK.


Museum of Sex, New York March 10, 2009

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Museum of Sex in New York.

An experience, something to do or enjoy-

Things that I found and thought it would be good to take a photo of, is the facts about animals and sex.

Animals are not that different from humans, or humans are just animals that cant talk.

Take a look of the photos below:


The Metropolitan Museum of Art February 13, 2009

The photos above are a selection of pieces that I found at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and I decided to share with you. To understand the order, I first took the photo of the piece and then a photo of the information.

Please, forgive me for the quality of the photos; I definitely need to take a photography class in interiors.

Hope you like it!


Nueva Tecnología December 8, 2007

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Nueva tecnología or NEW TECHNOLOGY. Una pagina que muestra que esa pasando y los nuevos descubrimientos y desarrollos. NOKIA TRENDS.

New Technology, a website that tells what´s happening in the world, with the new experiments y developements. The problem, that´s  limited to the people who can read Spanish.



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After checking Nokia Trends(only you can read it if you can read Spanish, thats a shame!), I found a website with a good illustrations, where any one can upload their sketchs. MOLESKINE PROJECT

 “The main idea for the project is that everyone has an equal right to participate. No one is more equal than the other. Being an artist himself Marko knows how hard it was to promote his art and that’s the reason why he decided to help others. It’s all about sharing & supporting each other!”

 Take a look!