Flatpack Festival 2009

Flatpack Festival 2009Designing experiences, designing stories. What a better way to interact and enjoy other peoples ideas that come together and can be seem in a screen.

Flatpack Festival 2009, another event where I am involve. Is a film festival, where:

The general idea was (and is) to show things that people might not get to see otherwise, and create a sense of occasion by using different venues, putting films alongside live elements and mixing things up.

Festival no.1 included Portland’s unique Vladmaster Experience, the UK premiere of Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey and a tribute to sound artist Henry Jacobs. Festival no.2 was a bit bigger, with more installations, an opening do in St Paul’s Church, guests including Broadcast, Andy Votel and Misty’s Big Adventure, and previews of Paprika and The Science of Sleep.

We had a breather in 2008 for a bit of long-term planning and the break paid off, with the UK Film Council picking the festival as one of seven key national events in recognition of our “innovative approach to programming and PR.” Nice reward after a couple of years slogging on teeny budgets, and along with commitments from Arts Council England and ScreenWM it has helped us step up our ambitions for festival no.3 and beyond.

Flatpack Festival is organised and directed by 7 Inch Cinema a company that showcase all what is creative in the film industry. Where Pip McKnight and Ian Francis

For this event you will see me as the volunteer and ticketing coordinator, an experience that I have been enjoying and can’t wait to meet all the people who will come to the event.


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