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Designing experiences; I have found that is not a few people choice of living. There are different ways of doing it and this time is by making movies. I have to say that I’m impressed! For several years, I haven’t seen that many movies’ premieres in such short period of time.

From mid January till now, I think there are more than 10 movies that I actually want to see. And I say actually because normally there are not that many. It could be that is the season of the awards; Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA, etc. But I’m pretty sure that this year the awards associations had a very tough work to decide which movies to nominee and to give the award.

I’m not going to nominee movies in this article; just want to share with you the movies that have found my interest. I have to aware you that my taste in movies is difficult to define. I can say that I like everything, but most of it, I like movies that make smile and make me cries. Those are my criteria to like a movie.

Here is the list of movies that I have seen and want to see in this season, please give me a comment if you think similar or completely opposite of what you think about this movies. There are no the most wanted to see, just all in general.

–          Vicky Cristina Barcelona; a Woody Allen movie with the Spanish actors Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. Scarlett Johansson as Cristina as and Rebecca Hall as Vicky. I really like this movie; besides the story that is two Americans friends going to Barcelona for the summer and found themselves into a “funny” and weird way of understanding live. But what I like the most was Barcelona itself. I haven’t been there but me seeing the architecture in the movie make me wanted more to go there. Oscars Nominations; Best supporting actress for Penelope Cruz. Golden Globe nominations: Best movie, best leading actor Javier Bardem, best leading actress Rebecca Hall, best supporting actress Penelope Cruz. 1 Goya Nominations, Penelope Cruz for Supporting Actress.

–          The Curious case of Benjamin Button; a David Fincher Button movie. Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett repeated as a couple in a movie (1st Babel). A surprise was to see Julia Ormond and Tilda Swinton in the movie didn’t know they were going to be there. I did like the movie, but my expectations were higher, due to the all the promotion and comments about it. What I did like the most was the make up. Cate Blanchett looks beautiful being young, and is good to see how Brad Pitt looks when he was younger, like in Thelma and Louise. Weird feeling about being in love with someone that you can spend too much time with.

–          He’s not that into you; huge cast: from Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson; second movie of this season and acting in similar roles as in Vicky Cristina Barcelona (as an artist). Jennifer Connelly, Kevin Connolly, Bradley Cooper, Ginnifer Goodwin and Justin Long. The director Ken Kwapis. Is a girly-flick movie, but I did enjoy the fact that women we always have hope in love. Love the phrase at the end “You never ever give up hope”. I think we should always think that way.

–          The Reader; Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes. This movie has so much good comments about the performance of Kate Winslet, so many nominations and awards as best actress, best movie, best director; Stephen Daldry, best script; that make you have the feeling of a “must see movie”. It’s another 2nd World War movie, but I think that “little” fact in history will have always so many things to say and tell. Will see if she wins the Oscar, after all winning all the other wards must to say something.

–          Revolutionary Road; Kate Winslet second movie for this season and second time that is working with Leonardo Dicaprio. Sam Mendes was the director and is Fate Winslet’s husband. A funny fact, is that Dicaprio didn’t feel comfortable kissing Winslet in front of her husband. Why I want to see it’, well I think also because of the fact that had have so many publicity and I will love the see costumes of the movie, how they approach a period like that.

–                    Slumdog Millionaire; a Danny Boyle movie. Have heard that the story is amazing and is really impressing that a movie that didn’t have any expectations of such high recognition. Now, the critics are saying that could be the best movie in the Oscar’s. Just to understand what is about; a friend told me that is the way show to the viewer how he could become a millionaire answering the questions. And I love the idea of how the directors keep the viewer all the time with “what could happens feeling” and how things went the way they did.

–                    Doubt; It’s always good to see how varied an actress could be, like Meryl Streep. I start loving her when I watched The House of the Spirits. She has been nominee for the Oscar’s this year as best leading actress and when a movie have more than 2 nominations in the actors section, the movie must worth to watch. Amy Adams and Philip Seymour Hoffman as best supporting actors in each category. Also I would like to see how they approach a topic like child abuse. By the way is a John Patrick Shanley movie.

–          Milk; Gus Van Sant movie. It’s about the Harvey Milk story of how he becomes an elected politician being gay. It’s always good to see Sean Penn. I think is good to watch if you are interest to get more cultural knowledge, as I am. Even that I like to read books, I prefer watching the stories.

–          CHE Part 1 and Part 2; Benicio del Toro playing as Che, must be a good movie to watch, I really like how he acts and have an interest look. (I have always thought that he has a similar look in a weird way with Brad Pitt, don’t know why). I also have to promote a Colombian actress Catalina Sandino who plays in the second Part as the second wife of Che. As I said before, I prefer to watch stories than read them, that’s why I want to watch how Ernesto Che Guevara becomes what he was.

–          Marley and Me; Jennifer Aniston second movie of this season acting with Owen Wilson. I haven’t seen it and as many people I thought it was going to be a typical American comedy. But people, who have watched it, told me that this movie is unexpected. A story about how a family lives together with a Labrador. Is kind of my own experience, the only difference is that instead of having one, I have been living with 6 beautiful black Labradors and one coffee.

–          Bolt; a Disney movie. Should I say more? Well, a Disney animated movie. That is always good, without doubt. But more is a movie of how a dog realise what is not, weird? but have heard that is very funny, and just because is a Disney movie I will watch it.

–          Valkyrie; a Bryan Singer movie, no that’s right is not all about Tom Cruise. Is the story is about how the there is a plan to assassinate Hitler in 1944. The plan fails if you didn’t know, but is important to show this time of the history to let people think about how everything that has a beginning will have an end, and what I think if doesn’t start well, will definitely not end well. A comment that I read is that is good to see Tom cruise playing as a German.

–          Seven Pounds; I like how Will Smith acts in movies that are not super heroes action movies, like; The Pursuit of Happyness.  Is a Gabriel Muccino movie and is about how a person has to change seven lives, is I’m not wrong.  Will be good to see why this person has the power to change people lives?

–          Bride Wars; A Gary Winick movie. Is about how two best friends are engaged at the same time and for some reason had to have their weddings the same day. Didn’t caught your attention? Well it caught mine. Because, as I said before I love girly movies, and especially if it has to be related to events, any kind of events, and a wedding is a good excuse, love them. But most of it, I love Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway. Since I watched How to lose a Man in 10 days, Princess Diaries 1 and 2, and The Devils Wears Prada (actually I read the book after watching the movie) I become a fan of them.

–          Gran Torino; Clint Eastwood acting and directing this movie. Is about, how an “angry old man”, makes the way of how he can be still useful in the society, helping those who have no much strength as he have. It doesn’t have that many nominations, but as the point of this article, there are toooo many movies to watch this season.

–          The Young Victoria; a Jean- Marc Vallée movie. Is about the life of Queen Victoria of England, when she was young. Emily Blunt (Emily from The Devils Wears Prada), acts as Victoria and even that I don’t consider her as a typical beauty woman, I think she could be the right actress for this role (have to see the movie first). Have been always attracted to the stories of the royal people and love to watch their stories. Rupert Friend acting as Prince Albert, worth also to watch it.

–          Confessions of a Shopaholic; Isla Fisher acting as shopaholic. Just for the reason that is fashion involve I have to see it. Love the romantic comedies that involve fashion.

–          Rachel Getting Married; a Jonathan Demme film. Have heard the acting of  Anne Hathaway, it’s outstanding, it’s also her second movie of this season and being nominee for an Oscar as best leading actress, gave me another reason to watch it. As I said, like to watch her. Also includes a wedding.

–          Changeling; A Clint Eastwood movie (didn’t know that). Acting Angelina Jolie as a mother looking for her kidnapped child, that one day he comes back home, but after a while she realise that that child is not hers. Awful subject, because even that I don’t kids, wouldn’t like to be in a situation like that. Jolie is also nominated for the Oscar’s and I kind of like what she do, and the subject of the movie seems to be good enough to watch.

19 movies that I have seen and want to see this season, not always you have that many options, also is not that common that 4 actress have two movies at the same time. That is probably that you will find me a lot in the cinemas this period.


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  1. bueno post… se tuvo que haber demorado haciendo toda la investigacion!! pense que se las habia visto todas y quede impresionado pero ya me di cuenta que no… btw in changeling the story has a lot more than the kid not being hers….. but i do not want to spoil the plot, believe me the change of kid is not the major issue here, there is a much murkier thing going on…

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