Events Exhibitions UK 2010

After being for over 2 years in England, learning about the Events Industry and going to as many events as possible, I have found 8 exhibitions that worth going if you are interest in organising events and want to know all the last trends and technologies around.

These exhibitions are a combination of organisations who exhibit their product or service, seminars talking about what is happening in the industry that you as visitor need to know and networking sessions to meet the people who involved in the industry.

2010 Event Exhibitions calendar starts with:

–          Event Production Show: February 2 – 3. At Olympia. My main reason to go to this event these besides being the event where I can find all the production suppliers for my events is the seminar lead by Michael Eavis, founder and figurehead of Glastonbury. He will talk about the evolution of the world’s most famous festival.

  • Also I like the idea that they are donating £10 for Water Aid, by asking to the delegates to pay for attendance.

 –          International Confex: February 23 – 25. This is the major event that Events Industry has. Here is the place for you to meet everyone who is involved in this fantastic world. Confex has also an international space for countries, which are also promoting themselves as events – venues destinations. Their seminars are a variation of subjects, between; MarketingBusiness Skills & Personal Development, Organising & LogisticsIndustry Forums. Registration is still open and will be at Earls Court London.

 –          TFM&A: February 23 – 24. Technology for Marketing and Advertising, is an event happening at the same time as Confex, and worked as brother to the event, meaning, with one ticket you can access to both events. This event will show you and advice which are trends in technology that will help you to promote in this case your event (but actually is to promote whatever you want). 

  • Last year I learn that those advertising campaign that appears right next to the page that I’m reading online, were made in a specially technology (that I don’t remember now) and had a lot of thought to actually send the message through without making you to close the window.

Registration is still open and will be at Earls Court London.

–          RSVP: April 28 – 29. Held at the beautiful exhibition space, The Business Design Building. This event is for all those event managers who are looking for suppliers in entertainment, catering, decorating, flowers, event companies, etc. The exhibition itself is beautiful decorated by each stand offering their best services. The registration is now open and is you are thinking where to get ideas for your event this is the event to go. 

–          Internet World: April 27 – 29. Have your heard of Twitter, Facebook, the I-phone applications and you were wondering where you can meet and find the people who not only understand them but actually are the ones who create these amazing things? Well, this is the event where all of them come together, to show you can these are done. 

  • I spent last year exhibition between the seminars, they were so full of attendees that sometimes I had to watched the seminars from outside (that was my only complaint, no enough space to seat to watch the seminars, but they promise to change that this year).
  • I learned and understood a lot about this amazing world that now everyone is involved.

Registration is now open and will be at Earls Court London. 

–          Excite Show: June 23 – 24. This is the event for people who want to know how to exhibit. Suppliers who will help companies to exhibit, exhibition companies who know how to exhibit and all those suppliers you will need when you are doing an exhibition.

–          Event UK: September 21 – 22. Well, we have exhibitions, suppliers, production, but what about venues? Well, Event UK (formerly the National Venue Show), is the exhibition to get to know those venues around UK and there also some around the world. Here the sales departments of the venues come to show you why they (think) are the best for you and your event. The event is held in Birmingham at the NEC.

  • (This was my first exhibition in the UK, and was my first class in my MA in Event and Exhibition Management. Great memories and I also remembered collecting all the brochures for my first assignment. Thank to that I learned UK geography very well).  

–          Showman’s Show: Is in October but don’t know the dates for this year. This event is in Newbury and is an outdoor exhibition, for live and outdoor events. At this event you will find all the suppliers to fulfil your field. From portable toilets, stages, seating arenas (my favourite Arena Seating), marquees, portable floors, portable stables (I like these ones). Is perfect is you are organising a festival. Loved the feeling on being in an outdoor event around my favourite people.

So if you would like to add something or let me know another event worth mentioning here, let me know leaving a comment.

Remember that comments all always welcome and love to know about your thoughts…


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