The Twitter event directory for the Events Industry


Eventstweets ( is the first directory for Twitter users that its business are related to the Events Industry.

The directory was launched in an event at the London Sea Aquarium last Tuesday April 14th, which only people who have a Twitter acount could attend.

The organisers and co-founders of this amazing idea were Peter Kerwood (@pkerwood) head of Marketing of Merlin Events and Mike Fletcher, events journalist Mike Fletcher (@MikeFletch) and what they are looking for is to help the search for other twitters to find out in the Twitter world what is happening in the Events Industry. For pictures of the event take a look here by Henry Stuart (@henrystuart).

I think is fantastic, I have been using Twitter (@magdanieto) for the last couple of months, and have found it very useful to keep updated and talk to people that in real life wouldn’t be that easy. Even that the conversations are not that long, helps to get  an easy approach to everyone who is there.


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