Just got an advice from a wise man, that have been able to keep going in business no matter how many economics recessions, problems, obstacles in life have been putting in front of him to stopping him keep in business.

That man is my father, and in the conversation that we had about how he is dealing with the economy and budgets of the events that he helps to organise in Colombia, he gave me his thoughts about it and how he dealing with them:

I asked him if there it was too much uncertainty about the financial situation?

He answered me: The Recession is something in the mind of each person, and each individual have to resolve it, using the reason and the logic of its own purchase power……. and the crisis are for using them to know how to invest for the future.

I said: You’re right, this moments is to invest, getting the trust back and letting that the situation gets better.

And he said: These moments the sellers are in a need position where they give good price and facilities for payment, where you just need to know the best way to use those opportunities.

Then he left me because he need to authorised some proposals to send for getting him more business and as he thinks, when you “invoice” your services you have assure that the money will come in and that how he believes his business will keep going.

Don’t know if is the right way to think, but what I can say is that until now he have been able to run a business for over 30 years, giving the opportunity to many people to be employed, being busy and able to feed many families.


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