Raquira is a small town located in Boyacá, Colombia, just 2 and half hours away from Bogotá by car in the north east of the country. Is a perfect town to get to know all the different types of arts and crafts products that a country like Colombia can produce and created.

I went recently there and I was amazed how this town have change in benefit to the tourists and tourism in Colombia. The town is a mix of colours, bright colours that are all over the place in the houses and the products. The people are very welcoming and always wanting to help, probably just to get some money, but believe me it worth it and the prices are not high at all.

You can find all type of crafts, from bags, ceramic cups, jewellery, like the Tagua’s seed in earrings, bracelets, key chains, etc. Knitting art works, pottery, hammocks (a comfortable bed that you can hanging up in two columns or walls). See the pictures below to see all what it offers.

For me was great, I need to buy presents for my friends in England and I want it to be something that my country produced, was pretty, useful and could tell that Colombia is not just Coffee and that white product that we are famous for, but is not good for anything. But especially because it reminds me the beautiful places that Colombia has that helps to promote the country and the area. And if you are looking what kind of activity you can do while you are in Bogota, or in Colombia, Raquira will entertain you enough if you lie art, if you like shopping, if you like to travel, if you like to talk with local people, and if you like things in general.

More information about Colombia, in the Lonely Planet.

More Raquira’s photos below:



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