Me and the Heavy Metal

For those who knows me, can tell that the Heavy Metal and me have no a real connection. I consider myself a completely ignorant about the music and until a few months ago I didn’t know that bands like Napalm Death, Judas Priest or Godflesh exists, I knew that Black Sabbath exists just because of Ozzy Osbourne was filmed in a reality show in MTV. But life couldn’t let me keep existing on this planet without let me know about this and introduce with a heavy metal fans and let them teach me a little bit about them, how?

Well, in order to keep develop my learning process as an event manager, I have been working for two extraordinary people named Jenny Moore and Lisa Meyer and their music and arts promoter company named Capsule, they are from England and his company is based in Birmingham. They realised that the West Midlands and Birmingham were home of fantastic bands, but no one could make that connection. How many of you knew that Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Napalm Death and Goldflesh started they careers in the West Midlands? Well, I didn’t (as I said before I didn’t know either that some of them exist), and in order to promote and give ownership to the place, Capsule decided to do something about it and create a project named Home of Metal and as they defined it:

Home of Metal aims to build an online archive that actively engages its audience in the creation and shape of the project. The project will start with a series of open days at the galleries inviting people to bring along memorabilia, photographs and great stories which will be digitized to help us create a digital archive of memories, images and pictures to tell the story of this unique moment of Midlands’ musical heritage. Allowing us to get a picture of what is out there and who might want to be involved. The bands we are focusing on are Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, Napalm Death and Godflesh all of whom have been innovators of the genre and in turn sub genres.

What interest me about this project is besides the organisation of the project is to see how people collects different types of items of their heroes and how they keep at home.


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