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Buchanan’s Tiempo Para Compartir!!!! March 12, 2012

As I mentioned in my previous post, I´m working as NGO´s partnership manager in Colombia for RockCorps. And last week we launched the program we are working on in Latin America, with our whisky partner Buchanan’s, which is launching its news program Share Your Self!

This year we will be trying to change the minds of 8.000 people, who will be doing 4 hours of community service, donating in total 26,000 hours, in México D.F., Caracas and Bogotá. And we will be celebrating this with a concert, in a very RockCorps´style in May.

Here in Colombia, we will be working with 9 NGO´s with 40 projects. We started this past weekend, and let me tell you the reaction was amazing!

Here is a video to see what all is about:


One person at the time, and we can change the World! January 31, 2012

One person at the time, and we can change the World!

With this philosophy RockCorps started in 2005 in United States, and now they have changed the mind of more than 81,000 people who become volunteers that have donated more than 324,000 hours of their time to social causes, in USA, England, France and Israel.

Now RockCorps is starting projects in Latin America in Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia, and I am happy and proud to be part of the planning team in Colombia who will deliver this amazing program, more news to come and here a video that shows what exactly RockCorps have done, and I will be doing this semester.