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Help Me Vote – Montaltti Hangbags at IHDA Awards June 2, 2010

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Monttalti accesories

Hi Guys, I need your favour to help me vote for Zoe and Cristina from Montaltti Hand Bags and Accessories at Independent Handbag Designer Award from InStyle Magazine. They are the last Burgundy Hand Bag and we are hoping they can win.

This hand bag is on the category for the most Socially Response Handbag, and for being in there, they also in the general category which is the one you can vote.

For more information and where to vote, click here.

You can support them until Monday 7th of June 2010, when the competition is close.

All your help is much appreciated and I will let you know who won. Thanks!!!!!



SuperSonic 2010

Well you all might now that this year SuperSonic has changed the date for October and is promising to be better that before (well knowing Lisa and Jenny you know that is possible), but I want to take to the opportunity to let you know that they are looking for a great people to be part of their team. Well our team, because this year I will be the Site Manager, that’s right:).

This blog post is too late to inform the Operational Manager position, the deadline was yesterday. But you can still make it for the Interns and Volunteer positions.

I have to say that be part of this team is amazing and you are able to learn lots of music, events, marketing, deal with artists, and not that nice things like cleaning and be aware of recycling, but is a great opportunity to meet amazing people, listening great bands and be part of one of the best festivals in the UK and maybe the world. I started being a production intern in 2008 in charge of the merchandise area, and I did it so well (that was Lisa and Jenny said), that last year I was the Production Coordinator. So is a great place to build your career and learn.

So if you are interest in applying to be an intern follow this link and apply, you won’t regret it.

The intern positions available are:

–          Production

–          Marketing

–          Design

To volunteer is this link.