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Plus International Design Festival September 1, 2008

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My event management career keep growing and going up. As part of my master, I had to do an internship and I was lucky enough to do two. One is to help as event manager in the event team of Plus International Design Festival in Birmingham, UK.

Plus, is in third year and is a showcase for creative and artistic industry. Comilling Grapic Design, Illustration, Typography, Animation, etc.

I have been enjoying this experience, is taking me back to my likes in Design. And to remember my times as Industrial Designer,


Why people always lose their keys?

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Today I lost my keys! Well I though I did. I spent 40 min in the morning trying to find it and I couldn’t. I left home, expecting that when I come back one of my flatmates will open me the door, thing that they did. Wondering when the h… I left them; I spent my whole day, reassuring me that must to be at home, in some place, because yesterday I got into the house.
My thoughts began will the hope that I will find it, and then I passed to the point to feel insecure, because there is always the possibility that you left them in the door, and someone took them and next you will be sack by the thieves.
But NO, as always the human being don’t pay attention to his actions and forget where he put the keys. When I came back home, that first thing that I saw, was my keys. Where they were? Well, yesterday I thought I would be good to be organised and put the keys in a specific place where I could find them. But, today I forgot to remember that yesterday I change the location of the keys, and I thought that I lost them.

Los conductores en Bogotá

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En el primer articulo escrito por El complejo de Prometeo, habla sobre como los conductores en Bogotá, Colombia tienden a conducir.

Gracias a unos de los comentarios de mi querida hermanita, quede como la peor conductora de todas.

  • Pero el problema no es tampoco de educación. La academia de conducción donde mi hermana vio el curso, si le zamparon las veinte horas teóricas y mi hermana es imprudente y hace hasta lo imposible por pasar al lento de la fila.

Pero, les cuento que la verdad no esa. Solo que si tiendo a manejar rapido, porque me desespera la gente que hace estorbo y hace trancon, asi que trato no ser uno de ellos. Pero siempre trato de respetar la fila, bueno lo intento.