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Nueva Tecnología December 8, 2007

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Nueva tecnología or NEW TECHNOLOGY. Una pagina que muestra que esa pasando y los nuevos descubrimientos y desarrollos. NOKIA TRENDS.

New Technology, a website that tells what´s happening in the world, with the new experiments y developements. The problem, that´s  limited to the people who can read Spanish.



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After checking Nokia Trends(only you can read it if you can read Spanish, thats a shame!), I found a website with a good illustrations, where any one can upload their sketchs. MOLESKINE PROJECT

 “The main idea for the project is that everyone has an equal right to participate. No one is more equal than the other. Being an artist himself Marko knows how hard it was to promote his art and that’s the reason why he decided to help others. It’s all about sharing & supporting each other!”

 Take a look!


The Fashion Fusion Awards December 2, 2007

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The Fashion Fusion Awards, is an event hel in the City Centre in Birmingham. On March 7th 2008. Will be expose the undiscivered fashion designers within Midlands.

The event is aimed at exposing the creativity of undiscovered designers between 18 and 25 throughout the Midlands.

 Check myspace site to know more about the event, and get involved!


Ice Skating in Centenary Square

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Ice Skating in Birmingham. Just want it to let you know that if you don´t have any plans for  Christmas, or is the first time that you are having a Winter season (like me!). In centenary Square you can do Ice skating. What amazed me, is no just the idea of skate on the ice. Is how this outdoor venue, have been changing for everything. How fast they built the infrastucture to create an amazing experience for the people of Birmingham.

If you book your ticket it wil be cheaper!


Loving the Underground December 1, 2007

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Last Wednesday I went to London, and had to use the Underground. I just love it! For someone that uses all the time could not feel that is amazing. But for someone who doesn’t know too much about the city and don’t know where the things are, its amazing, with just a map of the city and a map of the Underground lines, you can go where you want to. For trying to go to the Big Ben, just need to check which the closest station was and try to take the line that took me there.I used the Subway in NY, but even that it’s takes where you want to, I always get lost getting out of the stations, it’s a mystery form which entrance are you going to go out. It doesn’t specify like the Underground form which exit you can go out.